What ClaimMaster can do for you:

Identify various errors in patent claims, specification, and figures

Check element numbers in patent specification and patent drawings

Find missing antecedents in claims

Batch download PDFs/text of U.S. or foreign patents; download documents from Private/Public PAIR

Find claim terms without support in patent specification

Chart patent family trees from Public/Private PAIR

Fill-out formal USPTO forms, including IDS forms, with application data downloaded from the USPTO/EPO

Manipulate amendments and indicators in patent claims

Identify 'patent profanities' in the specification and claims

Rich reporting functionality

Find undefined acronyms

View & print patent claim trees

Generate patent claim summaries

Compare claims, generate claim charts

What ClaimMaster Customers Say:

"ClaimMaster has proven to be a very valuable tool and now I use it regularly. It is very helpful in detecting errors in patent claims, such as missing antecedents."

- Franco A. Serafini, THEMIS LAW

"Whenever a claim set is found to have an issue with antecedent basis or amendments, I ask myself: 'WHY didn't I run ClaimMaster on this? "

- Gabriel Olander, Sr. Patent Counsel, Rambus

"ClaimMaster provides you with an extra eye for detail at the touch of a button. What was once a final time-consuming review for claim errors, claim term support and reference numeral checks now takes only minutes. I use ClaimMaster every time I review a patent application"

- Paul Franz, Principal, Fish & Richardson

"The ClaimMaster is a great resource for patent prosecution. I never file an application or amendment without first checking the claims with this software. It is also useful for other patent related tasks. You can tell it was written by a patent attorney!"

- Ira S. Matsil, Founding Partner, Slater & Matsil LLP