What ClaimMaster can do for you:

Identify various errors in patent claims, specification, and figures

Check element numbers in patent specification and patent drawings

Find missing antecedents in claims

Batch download PDFs/text of U.S. or foreign patents, U.S. file wrappers, and maintenance data

Find claim terms without support in patent specification

Chart patent family trees

Create populated IDS forms with data from the USPTO/EPO

Manipulate amendments and indicators in patent claims

Identify 'patent profanities' in the specification and claims

Rich reporting functionality

Find undefined acronyms

View & print patent claim trees

Generate patent claim summaries

Compare claims, generate claim charts

What ClaimMaster Customers Say:

"ClaimMaster has proven to be a very valuable tool and now I use it regularly. It is very helpful in detecting errors in patent claims, such as missing antecedents."

- Franco A. Serafini, THEMIS LAW

"Whenever a claim set is found to have an issue with antecedent basis or amendments, I ask myself: 'WHY didn't I run ClaimMaster on this? "

- Gabriel Olander, Sr. Patent Counsel, Rambus

"ClaimMaster provides you with an extra eye for detail at the touch of a button. What was once a final time-consuming review for claim errors, claim term support and reference numeral checks now takes only minutes. I use ClaimMaster every time I review a patent application"

- Paul Franz, Principal, Fish & Richardson

"The ClaimMaster is a great resource for patent prosecution. I never file an application or amendment without first checking the claims with this software. It is also useful for other patent related tasks. You can tell it was written by a patent attorney!"

- Ira S. Matsil, Founding Partner, Slater & Matsil LLP