Must-Have Software For
Patent Practitioners

Get an extra set of eyes

Check patent documents for common problems, such as missing antecedents, wrong part numbers, incorrect claim numbers, amendments or status indicators, and numerous other issues!

Streamline patent drafting and analysis

Automate dozens of tedious tasks, such as generation of claim charts, claim trees, preparation of amendments, claim renumbering, and much more!

Access USPTO and EPO data

Get patent PDFs, text, file wrappers, or Office Actions from Private/Public PAIR. Auto-fill official USPTO Forms (e.g., IDS forms) with bibliographic data, trace patent families, and much more!

You will save both time and money with ClaimMaster

ClaimMaster natively integrates with Microsoft Word, understands most drafting/amendments styles, is secure, and gives you powerful batch processing and reporting modes. Can you really afford not to use it in your daily practice?

"ClaimMaster has proven to be a very valuable tool and now I use it regularly. It is very helpful in detecting formal errors in patent claims, such as missing antecedents."

- Franco A. Serafini, THEMIS LAW

"I use ClaimMaster for every application and response I write. ClaimMaster saves me time and increases the quality of my work. Those benefits pass directly to my clients."

- Hussein Akhavannik, Partner, BakerHostetler

System requirements:

32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 2000, Windows NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10. Terminal server/Citrix-compatible version is available upon request and requires separate licensing from client-based version. While a Mac version is not available, ClaimMaster will work within Parallels or other Windows emulators on Mac computers.

32-bit (recommended) or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Word 2002-2016. A version compatible with Word 2000 may be provided upon request.