Upgrade to ProPlus or LitePlus versions:

The new "Plus" upgrade includes sophisticated features guaranteed to save your firm large amounts of time and resources on daily prosecution tasks, such as filling-out of USPTO forms, generation of shell Word documents (e.g., Office Action responses) and downloading of documents from Private PAIR using automatic login.  Here's a list of the "Plus" features, available in ProPlus and LitePlus versions:

  • Private PAIR Integration - automatically access Private PAIR to enhance many of ClaimMaster tools:
    • Download and OCR any USPTO documents from Private PAIR with a single click (e.g., new Office Actions, Non-Patent Literature, or full file histories)  in PDF and DOCX format (if available)- you can simply drag and drop multiple eOfficeAction emails from Microsoft Outlook into ClaimMaster to start downloads.  Specify download filters, such as document types or date ranges.
    • Use Private PAIR with the IDS, standard USPTO forms, and Word shell tools to fill-in application headers in your USPTO forms (including IDS forms) and shell Office Action responses. Bibliographic data can also be imported in bulk from Private PAIR or 3rd party docketing software, such as Foundation IP.
    • Use Private PAIR with Patent Family Tree tool to map the family dependencies of applications or patents without interruptions caused by the Public PAIR's CAPTCHA.
    • Store your Private PAIR login credentials for automatic sign-on.
  • Automated USPTO forms - fill-out standard USPTO forms with bibliographic application information and practitioner information
    • Generate USPTO forms having fields filled-out with with relevant information, such as examiner name, art unit, application name, title, docket, attorney/firm names, reg. numbers, and any other custom fields.
    • Bibliographic data can be imported in bulk from Private PAIR or 3rd party docketing software
  • Automated Word shells - generate mostly filled-out Word shell documents (e.g., Office Action responses) based on a variety of templates customized to your style
    • Automatically fill out numerous predefined fields with relevant bibliographic data (i.e., examiner name, art unit, application name, title, docket, etc.) and other information, such as summary of rejections from the Office Action, and summary of claims.
    • Bibliographic data can be imported in bulk from Private PAIR or 3rd party docketing software.
    • Templates can be populated with previously used claim sets having updated status indicators and amendments.
    • Utilize as many document templates as you need (e.g., Non-Final Response, Final Response, Interview Summary, Restriction Response, etc.). Flexible and easy-to-use template system allows you to create or modify existing templates to match your firm's standards.
  • Built-In OCR optimized for patent documents-  recognize text in all image PDF documents, such as Office Actions downloaded from PAIR, patents, or publications. SmartOCR options let you OCR only the relevant portions of USPTO documents to save processing time.

See how ClaimMaster can fill-out USPTO forms for you:

Check out the new ClaimMaster workflow for processing Office Actions and generating shell Office Action responses:

Here's how to upgrade your ClaimMaster license to ProPlus or LitePlus versions:

  • From any ongoing subscription (Pro, Lite, or QA) - simply purchase a new ProPlus or LitePlus subscription from here. The additional cost of the "Plus" version is only $120/year per user (i.e., $10/month). We will also make sure to promptly refund you any prorated amount left over on your existing subscriptions or you can select to use it as credit for the next subscription period. 

  • If you own a one-time Pro or Lite license - log in to your Customer Portal, go to "Renewals & Upgrades" tab, and select the available "Plus" upgrade option, such as "Upgrade from Pro to ProPlus."  The one-time cost of the upgrade is $299/user for firms with a valid support policy.  If your support policy has expired, you will also need to renew your support for the next year to be able to perform the upgrade, which will be reflected in the price of the "expired support" upgrade option.
After you upgrade, you will be able to download the new version from your customer portal.  Install the new version - activation will not be required for One-Time licenses, but will be required for subscriptions to extend the expiration date.

Questions? Email us at sales@claimmaster.com or call (888) 425-9041, and we can help you with the upgrade process. You can also test out the trial ProPlus version first:

Try ProPlus version today!