Configuring your boilerplate and auto-complete text settings

ClaimMaster allows you to use a stand-alone document for storing a table of boilerplate paragraphs, including auto-complete entries.  You can  share this document with others.  

When using auto-complete, ClaimMaster will provide you with  "as-you-type" suggestions for the commonly used terms in your documents. Suggestions will appear after four characters are typed into the document.  You can then press "Enter" to bring up a menu that lets you select from a list of suggestions for auto-completing your term name when you type.  In addition, ClaimMaster can complete acronym definitions using the same approach.

You can import terms and acronym definitions into your auto-complete text list from claims and specification, or specify it manually, either in the tool or directly in the ClaimMaster Boilerplate docx file (under "Auto-complete") section.

Getting Started

To edit the auto-complete entries, perform the following steps:

  • In Word 2007 or later - from the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Boilerplate Tools menu, then select Settings:

Configuring Boilerplate Options

You will be presented with a menu, where you can select the location of the document storing the table of the boilerplate entries, as well as edit the actual document.   In order to edit the boilerplate table (including auto-text entries), click on the "Edit Table" button:

You will be presented with the boilerplate table. This table can be used to define various boilerplate entries that will be displayed in ClaimMaster's boilerplate gallery.  In addition, a special row called "Auto-complete Entries" stores all auto-complete entries that will be used to provide you with auto-suggestions as you type them in the document.

To add an entry to the table, add a row to the table, then fill-in the "Boilerplate Entry Name" cell with a unique name (this will be the name of the boilerplate item in the gallery) and fill in the "Boilerplate Text" item (this will be the actual boilerplate text).  The cells in the "Boilerplate Text" column can include text formatting and images.  

Configuring Auto-Complete Options

The following options allow you to specify auto-complete preferences in the Settings window:

    1. Press this button to enable/disable auto-completion of defined acronyms and terms in your documents
    2. Press this button to import terms from the current document.  
    3. As part of the import, you can specify whether to import terms from claims, specification, acronym definitions.  Here you can also specify whether to import only multi-word terms to cut down on the overall number of suggestions.
    4. The list of terms appears here.  You can edit//add/remove terms from this list directly in this text window.
    5. Acronyms are defined using [ACRONYM]::[ACRONYM DEFINITION] syntax.  For example, FED::Field Emission Display (FED).  When you want to auto-complete acronyms, preface them with $ symbol, such as $FED or $TCP and ClaimMaster will show auto-completion suggestions for you.
    6. Click this button to save your auto-complete terms.