ClaimMaster® is a patent proofreading and patent drafting software tool for patent attorneys, agents, and paralegals. It is a powerful collection of Microsoft Word® utilities that helps prevent common drafting errors and lets you save time on everyday patent prosecution, litigation, and analysis tasks. Some of the things you can do with ClaimMaster are:

    • Identify errors in claims and document text, including missing antecedent basis and incorrect status indicators
    • Identify claim terms missing support in the specification
    • Identify inconsistent reference terms in the document and figures
    • Prevent various USPTO DOCX compliance issues in the documents
    • Generate stand-alone error reports in GUI sidebar, HTML, PDF, or Word formats
    • Download Patents/Applications from the USPTO/EPO and run post-processing operations on the downloads
    • Auto-generate IDS Forms (1449 and SB08) from information downloaded from the USPTO and/or EPO
    • Analyze Office Actions and generate shell Office Action responses
    • Fill-out USPTO PDF forms and Word/email shells with application data and custom information
    • Map patent family trees using USPTO and EPO databases
    • Print claim charts and compare claims
    • Add or remove claim status indicators
    • Renumber claims
    • View a hierarchy of claims in patent documents
    • Generate flowchart figures and Summary sections for your patent applications from the existing claims
    • Calculate excess claim fees
    • and much more ...

This help documentation is designed so you can quickly learn ClaimMaster as a new user or enhance your knowledge as a regular user.