Generating an image of the claim tree

ClaimMaster allows you to generate an annotated image of the hierarchical claim tree, such as the one shown below. You can then copy & paste the image into your own documents. 

Getting Started

To generate the image of the claim tree, perform the following steps:

  • In Word 2007 or later - from the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the  Navigation Tools -> View Claim Tree menu, then Print Claim Tree (Image):


  • In Word 2003 or earlier - from the ClaimMaster toolbar, click on the Visualize Claim Tree menu, then Print Claim Tree (Image):

Feature Options

Once this option is selected, ClaimMaster will display the graphical claim tree in your default browser. 

    • Each claim will be represented by an oval and claim dependencies are shown with arrows.
    • If present, claim status indicators are included.
    • The colors for different statutory claim classes can be set using claim color settings
    • Claims with invalid parent dependencies will be filled in with red.
    • Independent claims are filled in with gray.