Configuring Private PAIR Settings

In this dialog you can specify whether to use Public or Private PAIR as the default PAIR portal. In addition, ClaimMaster can use a local cache of PAIR data to speed up access to the bibliographic data for filling out shells and USPTO forms.  The following options are available:

    1. If this checkbox is selected, ClaimMaster will use Private PAIR as the default portal for logging in to PAIR
    2. If this checkbox is selected, PAIR cache will not be used so that every request for bibliographic information will always go to the PAIR.
    3. Specify the customer number here.  
    4. Press this button to load the PAIR cache with data downloaded from PAIR based on customer number. ClaimMaster will log-in to PAIR, then download XML data for all applications for a given customer number, and then proceed to load biblio cache with data for each application. The process is automated.
    5. Press this button to load biblio cache from the XML file previously downloaded from the Private PAIR.  You'll be prompted to specify the XML file's location.
    6. Specifies the location of the PAIR cache file. By default, the cache file is located at %APPDATA%\ClaimMaster\IDS Cache\pair_cache.csv, but any other location can be specified.
    7. Press this button to clear the PAIR cache.
    8. Pressing this button will open the PAIR cache file, which is stored in the CSV format.  You can also manually create a cache file for your PAIR data by exporting it from various docketing applications, such as FIP, in the CSV format.  As long as the data is arranged in the order of columns shown below, ClaimMaster will be able to read in the data from the CSV file.