Downloading publication data from Patent Center

ClaimMaster lets you quickly resolve one or more application numbers to a PDF publication. Specifically, for a given list of application numbers, ClaimMaster will access Patent Center to check whether any publications for the specified applications exist (e.g., published application or patent) and will download PDFs for each publication that is available. 

Getting Started

To launch the publication download tool, perform the following steps:

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Downloading Tools menu, then select Lookup Publications Using Application No.:

Feature Options

The Publication Download window, which will come up, has the following options:

    1. This is the section where you type in the application number(s).  You can specify one or more of application # as input, as long as the entries are separated by semicolons or spaces. Once the downloading process finishes, the log of the results will be displayed in this area.
    2. This table lists the downloaded publication documents for the specified application numbers.
    3. Select one or more of the files in the file table and open/print/email them using buttons on the right. You can select multiple files by dragging the mouse across each row or using Shift/control keys + left click
    4. Press this button to start the download of publication data from Patent Center. ClaimMaster will resolve the application number to a patent or patent publication using Patent Center and download a PDF of that patent/publication.