Identifying part names without corresponding numbers

1) You can  identify any part names that are entirely missing a number next to them by checking item #1 below. During the check, ClaimMaster will first identify all part names in the document that do have numbers associated with them and then check for any instances of the same part names used without numbers. However, because this check is computation-intensive, it is disabled by default. You can enable this check from the Part-Checking Rules settings, which are available from the Preferences dialog. In addition, to reduce false positives, we suggest that you enable "only check within Detailed Description" checkbox below.

Identifying part numbers without corresponding names

2) You can also identify any numbers in the Specification that may be missing part names by checking item #2 below. This check will identify any numbers in the Specification that do not have a corresponding name prior to the number (also may raise some false positives).