Importing bibliographic data into ClaimMaster from PAIR XML

ClaimMaster allows you to preload PAIR cache from Private PAIR, either directly or from an XML file.  Once you PAIR cache is loaded, you don't need to access PAIR repeatedly to obtain bibliographic information.

This can be done by switching to the Import from PAIR XML tab in the PAIR settings dialog.  The following options are available from this dialog:

    1. Specify the USPTO customer number here.
    2. Press this button to load the PAIR cache with data downloaded from PAIR based on customer number. ClaimMaster will log-in to PAIR, then download XML data for all applications for a given customer number, and then proceed to load biblio cache with data for each application. The process is automated.
    3. Press this button to load biblio cache from the XML file previously downloaded from the Private PAIR.  You'll be prompted to specify the XML file's location.  Most of the data will be extracted from the XML file, however, some data, such as application title will still need to be obtained from Private PAIR.