Generating stand-alone proofreading reports

In addition to using the ClaimMaster's interactive graphic user interface ("GUI") for reviewing errors, you can also use the software to generate stand-alone proofreading reports in HTML, Word, or PDF formats. The reports identify the same issues as the errors reported through the GUI, but could be directly shared with other reviewers or printed out. Moreover, the HTML report format (default) offers much improved readability, ability to perform smart searches within the specification/claims, and interactive features allowing for simpler analysis of identified problems. ClaimMaster also allows you to run reports in batch mode on multiple documents.

Getting Started

To generate a stand-alone proofreading report for your document(s), perform the following steps:

  • In Word 2007 or later - from the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Stand-alone Reports menu, then select the desired option.  Please note that if you click on the "Proofreading Report" button, ClaimMaster will generate the report with the currently configured custom settings.

  • In Word 2003 or earlier - from the ClaimMaster toolbar, click on the Proofreading Utilities menu, then select Generate Proofreading Reports:

To explore each stand-alone proofreading report feature in more detail, click on the links below: