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Installation Problems
You receive "Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3" during installation
Error: "The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your Macro security settings"
I recently started receiving "System Error &H80040111 (-2147221231)" message whenever Word is started
I cannot see ClaimMaster's menu in Word after installation
You receive "Error 46" or "Error 42" during activation or "Error 46 (IPM)" after installing ClaimMaster
VBA Message: "Errors Occurred During Load"
ClaimMaster dissappeared from Word
Installation for users without administrative privileges
Installing ClaimMaster on a Terminal Server
ClaimMaster stops working after RE-installation/update
Compile error in hidden module (after reinstall)
Malwarebytes blocks vbscript.dll library
License Issues
How do I reactivate my license on another machine or after re-installation ?
Activation Fails with Code 2 or Code 4
Activation Fails with Code 7 or Code 5013
How do I activate my trial?
Activation Fails with Code 60 or Code 70
Software hangs during product activation
IDS Browser and Patent Downloads
When generating SB08 forms, Adobe Live Cycle opens instead of Adobe Acrobat/Reader
Why can't I preview front pages of patents in IDS Browser?
Patent downloads from the PTO hang or stopped working
Internet Explorer opens a new window when I try to browse first pages of patents in
Login to Private PAIR stalls
Parsing Claims and Reference Terms
ClaimMaster does not detect claims or reference numbers
How do I train ClaimMaster to recognize claims in my documents?
What is the preferred format for enumerating claims?
Forcing ClaimMaster to check reference numbers in a text region
Claim parsing in foreign versions of Windows
Forcing ClaimMaster to parse a particular claim region
Viewing Reports
Reports window disappears after I check claims for errors

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