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Cannot connect to the USPTO or EPO

Solution ClaimMaster connects directly to the USPTO/EPO databases to obtain data about patent filing dates and inventors. In some corporate environments with strict firewalls, addresses of the USPTO/EPO databases must be added to the "Trusted sites" for the ClaimMaster to connect to these databases.

In particular, if you are using Vista with Internet Explorer 7+, you must add the following eight USPTO/EPO web-locations to the “Trusted sites” section in the “Internet Options->Security” section of the Internet Explorer. Otherwise, the program will not work and you will get an error. This happens because the security settings in Vista do not allow opening of supposedly “untrusted” sites directly by the application. Thus, to view the images, you must make the USPTO sites “trusted.” The relevant USPTO/EPO sites are:

  • - PTO patent data site
  • – PTO patent images 1 site
  • – PTO patent images 2 site
  • - PTO publications data site 1
  • – PTO publications data site 2
  • – PTO publications images 1 site
  • – PTO publications images 2 site
  • - EPO patent data site

Make sure that “server verification” box is unchecked.

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