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ClaimMaster dissappeared from Word

Solution First, if ClaimMaster dissappeared from Word, make sure that file is in the Word's STARTUP directory. You can get a copy of the file in C:\Program Files\ClaimMaster\ (32-bit Windows) or C:\Program Files(x86)\ClaimMaster\ (64-bit Windows)

In addition, if ClaimMaster menu dissappears all of a sudden (e.g., after a Word crash), you can try the following steps:

Word 2007 or later

Check the box for ClaimMaster.dotm template from the "Templates and Add-ins" menu in Word, as shown: in this short video. Enabling ClaimMaster.dotm template should load ClaimMaster ribbon into Word.

Word 2003

To get it back in Word 2003, go to "Tools->Templates" and Add-ins and make sure is checked. If that doesnít work or you canít see on the list of templates and add-ins, try "Help-> About Microsoft Word" then click the Disabled Items button. Select the ClaimMaster item, then click Enable. You may need to close then re-open Word for it to get back on your toolbar and menu bar.

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