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How do I reactivate my license on another machine or after re-installation ?

Solution If you need to move your ClaimMaster license to another computer (i.e., re-install after new OS installation or re-imaging), you will first need to deactivate it on your current machine.  Starting with ClaimMaster ver. 2.8 (January 2013), you can do so by starting ClaimMaster Utilities (either Windows Start Button->ClaimMaster->Utilities” or “ClaimMaster->Help->System Utilities...” within Microsoft Word) and selecting the "Deactivate ClaimMaster (release activation)" option:

Once you deactivate your license, you can re-activate on some other machine.

Note:  If you want to use this feature and have activated ClaimMaster prior to December 2012, you will be required to re-activate software on your machine before you can start using the new "deactivate" feature.  Detailed instructions are here.
Otherwise, please contact us and we'll reactivate your license.  Please submit your license or customer id along with your ticket.

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