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What is the preferred format for enumerating claims?

Solution To be recognized, claims must be annotated using the "claim number immediately followed by a period" format, such as:

      1. A method of...

As long as you adhere to this format, variations, such as "Claim 2. The method of claim 1 ..." should get recognized as well. However, if you are missing a period after the claim number, the claim will not be parsed properly - for example, "1 A method of ..." will not be recognized as a claim.

You can also place status indicators after the claim number, such as:

      1. (Currently Amended) A method of...

The software will also recognize groups, such as:

      1-10. (Cancelled)

The software will also process claims enumerated using MS Word's auto-numbering, although plain-text numbering is preferred.

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