Assigning client matter ids 

ClaimMaster lets you specify the client matter id for the reports and other documents downloaded/generated by the software.  This makes it easier to track projects and also search for reports/documents using ClaimMaster's Download Manager.  

Getting Started

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, select claim region in the document, then click on the Preferences, Extra Tools, Help menu, then on the Assign client matter id menu:

Feature Options

Once this operation is selected, ClaimMaster will open the following window, which allows you to select the active client matter id for your case:  

    1. Use this area to set the active client matter id for your documents.  The drop-down menu is populated from the global list (item 3)
    2. Press this button to reload the drop-down menu from the global list (item 3).
    3. Use this area to specify a global list of all available client matter #s.  You can simply cut & paste into the text area from another document/spreadsheet.
    4. Press this button to save client matter settings.  Both the global list and currently active client matter id will be saved.  

Once the active client matter id is set, it will be used in patent proofreading reports and Download Manager: