ClaimMaster module could not initialize.

Occasionally, Microsoft Office updates or antivirus software may interfere with ClaimMaster operation. In this case you may receive a message that ClaimMaster module could not initialize. Note: the same message could also appear if your license/subscription has expired. However, if you have a valid license, please proceed with the following steps to fix ClaimMaster installation.

1. Close MS Word

Before proceeding, close all Word documents. Also make sure you do not have stale Word processes hanging around (WINWORD.EXE) in Task Manager, as shown below.

2. Repairing the Installation

Once all Word documents are closed, open ClaimMaster "Repair Tools" by selecting Start > All Programs > ClaimMaster > Repair Tools.  This will launch the repair tool.  Next, select either option #1 or #2.

When repairs are finished, you can restart Word to see if the issue has been resolved.

3.  Reinstalling ClaimMaster

If the repair did not work, it's recommended that you simply reinstall ClaimMaster.  If you have a valid subscription/support policy, you can always download the latest version from the Customer Portal.

4.  Whitelist ClaimMaster add-in

If the full reinstallation does not help, the problem could be caused by a false positive from your antivirus software ( especially if you are receiving warnings from the antivirus software when running ClaimMaster). In this case, you will need to white-list the following files in your antivirus software:

    • 32-bit Office:  C:\Program Files (x86)\ClaimMaster\Grammars\ClaimMaster.dll
    • 64-bit Office:  C:\Program Files (x86)\ClaimMaster\Grammars\ClaimMaster.exe

Alternatively, you may want to white-list the entire C:\Program Files (x86)\ClaimMaster\Grammars\ directory.