Fixing ClaimMaster installation problems

Occasionally, Microsoft Office updates or incomplete installations may interfere with ClaimMaster operation.  Several automatic utilities are available for fixing various installation problems. 

Getting Started

To open ClaimMaster "Repair Tools",  choose Start > All Programs > ClaimMaster > Repair Tools.  This will launch the repair tool.  Note that Word will need to be closed before any repairs can be undertaken.  In some cases, if ClaimMaster detects certain problems (e.g., template mismatch or inability to initialize), it will prompt the user to launch the repair tool automatically. Once the repair tool starts, you can select from several common issues that may be occurring on your machine:

    1. For issues 1-2, the repair tool will reinstall and re-register the original ClaimMaster dlls.
    2. For issues 3-4, the repair tool will reinstall ClaimMaster template to the Word Startup folder for the current user.

When repairs are finished, you can restart Word to see if the issues have been fixed.