Antecedent term browser

Switching to this tab in the antecedent browser allows you to review the parsed terms within each claim, including antecedent references to terms and originally defined terms.  The following operations are available in the terms browser dialog:

    1. If "Highlight selected issues in the document" is selected, then all portions of the shown problems will be highlighted in the document.  Note that once you close this window, all added highlighting in the document will be removed.
    2. Click this button to export all identified terms to a CSV file.
    3. Each claim section is clickable. By left-clicking on the claim, you will expand it to show all reference and antecedent terms defined within the claim body. You can also right-click on each term to search for this term using Google or Google Patents. Antecedent references with proper antecedent basis will be shown in green.  Antecedent references without antecedent basis will be shown in red.
      • terms annotated with (O) are the original terms – the terms that have been defined for the first time within the claims.
      • terms annotated with (RA) are the References to Antecedents – these terms refer in antecedent form to some previous definition of the term in the claim or its parents, by using either "the" or "said" in front of the term.
    1. When you click on each term, you'll have an option to make corrections to its parsing below, in case the term is not correctly grouped by the software.
    2. Here you can specify the term parsing preferences.  In particular, specify whether the term phrase is too long (i..e., some words are added to the end by mistake) or too short (i.e., some words are omitted from the end). You can then set the correct term phrase in item 4 below using one of the suggestions or by directly typing it in the text field.can specify the desired grouping for the term.  You can pick from the selected suggestions or directly type in the correct phrase for the term.
    3. Click on this button to re-run the AB check using the specified term change.  Preferences can be saved on the document level or global level, as explained in more detail in the AB parsing preferences section.
    4. Click on this button to bring up ClaimMaster's AB parsing preferences.