Proofreading/Reviewing tools (QA, Pro, Pro+Shells, Pro+Drafting)

ClaimMaster includes a number of powerful proofreading tools for patent documents. Specific checks include proofreading for claim numbering, amendments and status identifier errors, missing or ambiguous antecedents, claim terms missing support in the specification, inconsistently used or numbered parts in the specification and figures, acronym issues, similarly, but incorrectly spelled words, and stylistically problematic or limiting terms in claims and specification (i.e., "patent profanities"). 

The results of the proofreading checks can be accessed from an All-In-One Report.  Alternatively, you can access each proofreading tool individually from the Individual Proofing Tools section.

Getting Started

You can access proofreading reports and individual proofing tools from the following menus:

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click either on the All-In-One Report menu or on the Individual Proofing Tools menu, then select the desired proofreading option.


To explore the proofreading reports, click on the links below

To explore the individual proofreading tools in more detail, click on the links below: