Configuring Custom IFW Download Filters

ClaimMaster lets you specify custom IFW download filters using available USPTO document types.  By specifying a custom IFW document type filter, you can tell ClaimMaster to download only specific file wrapper document types from the USPTO's PEDS.  To specify a customer filter, switch to the Download Document Filters tab. The following options are available from this dialog:

    1. Select one or more IFW document types to be added to the custom filter.
    2. Use this text field to search/filter the list of available document types.
    3. To add the selected document type to the filter, use ">>" button.  Similarly, to remove the document type from the filter, use the "<<" button.
    4. In this table you can see the list of all configured document filters.  When you click on a particular filter name, ClaimMaster will show the list of configured documents for that filter below (i..e, item # 8)
    5. To edit the existing filter, select it in the table (item #4), edit the list of included documents using ">>" or "<<" buttons (item # 2) and then click on "Add/Update filter" (item # 6).  To add a new filter, specify a name in the field #5 that doesn't appear in the list of filters and it will be added as a new filter to the list.
    6. Press this button to either add a new filter (if its name doesn't appear in the list) or update the existing filter (i.e., the name hasn't changed) using the currently configured list of document types.
    7. Press this button to delete the currently selected filter from the list.
    8. This table shows all the IFW document types currently listed under the specified filter.