Configuring templates for Word shells

ClaimMaster lets you configure and edit templates for Word shells, such as for creating partially filled-out Office Action responses.  You can bring up the shell settings window either from ClaimMaster->Preferences->Configure Shell Templates, as shown below.

Alternatively, you can bring up the shell templates preferences from the main Generate Shell Office Action Responses window, by clicking on the Configure Templates button, as shown below.

The Shell Settings window, which will come up, has the following options:

    1. Click this button to add a new template. You will be presented with a window that allows you to enter the new template name and its location.

    1. Press this button to edit settings (name/location) for the selected template in the table (shown as item 5).
    2. Press this button to remove the selected template entry from the template table.
    3. Press this button to open and edit the document corresponding to the selected template in the table.
    4. This table shows one or more templates that are configured to be used by ClaimMaster to generate shell Office Action responses.  You can have multiple templates configured for different occasions - for example, one template for Non-Final Rejections and one template for Final Rejections.  Or, different templates for different clients.
    5. Clicking this button will save your template settings.