Customizing Office Action text summary settings

ClaimMaster lets you customize how the US and foreign prior art references are cited in the Office Action text summary, as well as how the rejections/objects/allowances are written out.  

Getting Started

To edit the OA summary settings, click on the OA Text Summary Settings button in the Office Action browser.

To same settings are also available from the Preferences->Shells, Boilerplate, Biblio section->Configure OA Summary Settings:

Feature Options

Clicking on the Summary Settings button will launch a window with the following options:

    1. Summary text customization - here you can specify the default template for generating rejections/objects/allowances summaries.  Start each rejection/object/allowance phrase on a new line and do not put periods at the end of the sentences. 
      • #CLAIMS# placeholder will be replaced with the relevant claim numbers in the summary.
      • #REJECTIONS# placeholder will be replaced with corresponding rejections (including prior art citations, as specified in item 3 below). 
      • When claim lists are prepared, certain common plural/singular verbs will be adjusted in the template language to correspond to the number of claims in the list.  For example, if only 1 claim is identified in the list, then "is\are" will be changed to "is", but if more than 1 claims is listed, then it will be changed to "are."
    1. If this checkbox is selected, the OA summary will also include citations to the pages of the Office Action for each identified rejection
    2. Citation customization - specify the text around #NUM# and #NAME# placeholders in the fields for US patents, US publications, and foreign references. By default, the name of the 1st inventor will be capitalized if #NAME# placeholder is used (e.g., "HARDWICK").  If you use #Name# placeholder instead, only the first letter of the inventor's name will be capitalized (e.g., "Hardwick").  Your edits to the template will be automatically saved when you switch back to the OA Summary tab or close the dialog.
    3. Lets you specify a list of post-processing replacements to be performed both on the original and generated text summaries to permit further output customization.  The search term and the replacement term must be separated with a semi-colon.  These fields support regular expressions for matching terms. For example: 
      • "is rejected;stands rejected" - any instance of "is rejected" in the rejection text will be replaced with "stands rejected"
    1. Press this button to save your OA summary settings.  Any currently generated summaries shown in the OA Text Summary tab will be automatically updated.