Quickly opening patent PDF or downloading text into the open Word document

ClaimMaster lets you to quickly open a patent PDF or download the text of claims or full specifications into the currently open Word document. 

Getting Started

To start a quick patent download, perform the following steps:

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Downloading Tools menu, then Quick Patent Download:

Feature Options

Once this operation is selected, you will be prompted with a dialog where you can enter the desired patent/publication number for download:  

    1. List the patent or publication number in the format accepted by the USPTO or EPO websites.
    2. Press this button to download the PDF of the specified patent/publication.  The PDF file will be immediately opened once downloaded.
    3. Press this button to start the download into the open Word document. The text of the claims/specification will be downloaded directly into the currently open Word document. 
    4. Specify whether you want to download the full text of the document or just the claim