Silent installation/activation from the command line

To help with IT deployments, ClaimMaster accepts a number of command line switches. You can install ClaimMaster silently from the command line while passing it the license id/password required for online activation and/or location of the directory where to place ClaimMaster template.  Use the following command line switches (all switches can be used together):

  • /VERYSILENT - ensures that the install runs silently without prompting the user for additional information.  ClaimMaster binaries will be installed to the default "Program Files" directory,  such as C:\Program Files (x86)\ 
    • Example CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT 

  • /USERNAME -  allows you to pass an account name of the target end-user, if it is different from the account that is being used to install the software.  For example, if you are an IT administrator installing from your account for an attorney end-user, you can use this parameter to pass the username of the attorney.  When a username is specified, the installer will place various ClaimMaster settings and template into the Application Data (%APPDATA%) folder of the specified user and not in the %APPDATA% folder of the account used to run the installer.
    • Example CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT /USERNAME="JohnSmith"

  • /ACTIVATION -  installer can be called with this command line switch to silently activate online with SOLO Server during installation. This switch requires passing the license key and password as parameters in the following format: /ACTIVATION="LicenseID:XXXXXXXXXX--password:YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY".  Make sure to enclose the license id/password combination in quotes.  The license id can be up to 10 digits and the password can be up to 15 characters.
    • Example CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT /ACTIVATION="LicenseID:6199999--password:supersecurepassword8912!"

  • /TEMPLATEPATH - installer can be called with this command line switch to specify the directory where[m] file will be copied.  Use the following format: /TEMPLATEPATH="C:\XXXX" This directory should be Word's Startup directory, so that ClaimMaster gets loaded to the ribbon/toolbar during Word's startup.  Directory path should be enclosed in quotes. You can also use environment variables in the path.
    • Example 1 CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT /TEMPLATEPATH="C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\Startup"
    • Example 2 CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT /TEMPLATEPATH="%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Word\Startup"  /ACTIVATION="LicenseID:6199999--password:supersecurepassword8912!"
    • Example 3 CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT /USERNAME ="JohnSmith" /TEMPLATEPATH="%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Word\Startup"  /ACTIVATION="LicenseID:6199999--password:supersecurepassword8912!"

  • /RESETSETTINGS - specify if you want to reset/overwrite all existing ClaimMaster settings when reinstalling the software. By default, existing settings will not be overwritten during silent installation.
    • Example 1 CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT /RESETSETTINGS="True"

  • /64BIT - specify if you want to force the software to deploy for the 64-bit Word. Otherwise, the installer should automatically detect the installed Word version (32-bit or 64-bit) and deploy the appropriate template .
    • Example 1 CMProIntaller.exe /VERYSILENT /64BIT="True"