Unable to automate Internet Explorer due to the "Protected Mode"

In some cases, ClaimMaster may use Windows Internet Explorer ("IE") to access certain sections of the Google Patents, USPTO and EPO websites. If IE is configured in run in the "Protected Mode", ClaimMaster will not be able to control the new instance of IE and it will open up a separate window.  To enable this ClaimMaster functionality, you will need to disable “Protected Mode” in the IE. To do so, go to “Internet Options->Security” and make sure that “Enable Protected Mode” checkbox for the “Internet” tab is not checked, as shown below.

Note: If you do not feel comfortable disabling “Protected Mode” for all of “Internet,” you can go to the “Trusted Sites” section and add “uspto.gov”,  “espacenet.com”, or "google.com" to the list of trusted cites (also make sure ‘Protected Mode” is disabled for “Trusted Sites”). However, in our experience, enabling “Protected Mode” in the “Internet” section may still override any Trusted Sites settings in some versions/configurations of Internet Explorer, so you may want to experiment with these settings.