Identifying acronym problems

ClaimMaster can check whether acronyms are properly defined and used in your documents. Specifically, you can use ClaimMaster to determine whether acronyms are either (1) not defined or (2) used before being defined. The software will only recognize acronyms comprised of all capital letters that are defined either immediately before or after the full expression, such as HTML ("Hyper Text Markup Language") or Transmission Control Protocol ("TCP")

Getting Started

To check acronyms in your document, click on the Individual Proofing Tools menu, then select Check for Inconsistent Acronyms:

Feature Options

Once you select the feature above, the acronym error browser will come up. The following operations are available from the acronym error browser:

    1. You can search online database for the definition of the selected acronym.
    2. You can use AcronymFinder, Google, or Wikipedia as your acronym search sources.
    3. This window shows identified acronyms in the document, along with their definitions, and any issues.  The following issues may be identified with the acronym: 
      1. acronym is not definted
      2. acronym is defined, but used in the acronym form before its defined
      3. the first letters of the acronym's definition do not match the abbreviated acronym