ClaimMaster tab suddenly disappeared from the Word's ribbon 

On rare occasions, ClaimMaster add-in might  fail to load into the ribbon even if ClaimMaster template is located in the Word Startup folder. This appears to be related to a Word glitch.

To fix, do the following:

1) Close all Word documents. Also make sure you do not have stale Word processes hanging around (WINWORD.EXE) in Task Manager, as shown below.

2)  Next, re-open Word, click on File, then Options, then Add-ins.  Select Word Add-ins in the pull-down menu and click Go...

3)  Make sure the checkbox for ClaimMaster template is checked.  Important: if the checkbox for ClaimMaster appears to be checked but ClaimMaster is still not loading into the ribbon, then you need to toggle the checkbox to work around the Word bug.  Uncheck the checkbox, click "OK", then again click on File->Options->Add-ins->Word Add-ins and recheck the box ClaimMaster under "Templates" section. That should load ClaimMaster tab back into the ribbon.  Note that checking and unchecking the box without clicking "OK" and exiting the Template dialog doesn't appear to work.