Comparing data from IDS forms

ClaimMaster lets you compare cited patent references (i.e., patent numbers, patent publications) in two groups of documents (i.e., A and B), such as Information Disclosure Statements ("IDS").  The forms can be in PDF  (e.g., the originally filed B08 forms), Word, or text formats.

You can compare between individual IDS forms or entire directories (IDS forms in one directory vs forms in another directory). The software will identify all references that are present in one group, but not another. The software will also identify all references common to both groups.

Getting Started

To compare data between IDS forms, perform the following steps:

  • In Word 2007 or later - from the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the USPTO Office Actions, Shells, and Forms menu, then IDS References Diff:

  • In Word 2003 or earlier - from the ClaimMaster toolbar, click on the USPTO Office Actions, Shells, and Forms menu, then IDS References Diff: 

Feature Options

Once you select this option, an IDS comparison dialog will show. The following options are available from the IDS comparison dialog:

    1. Specify whether you want to compare file-to-file or directory-to-directory.  
    2. Use file/directory selection dialogs to specify files/directories in each group A or B.  The tool can import reference #s from Word or txt files.
    3. Press this button to compare references in the specified groups A and B. The results will be printed in three columns – the first column will show all references in group A, but not B. The second column will show references in both groups A and B. The third column will show references in Group B, but not A
    4. Press these buttons to create an IDS for references listed in any of the above groups. You can also cut & paste directly from each of the text boxes.