Configuring placeholder replacement fields

You can configure ClaimMaster to utilize shorthand placeholder fields in your documents that will be replaced with actual data at the time of document/text creation.  For example, replacement fields are used in shell Word documents, USPTO Forms, IDS forms (signature page only), and boilerplate text.

To configure replacement fields in ClaimMaster, click on the Preferences menu, switch to Shells, Boilerplate, Biblio tab, then Configure Attorney/Firm/Custom Info:


Feature Options

Once you select this option, a dialog for editing replacement fields will appear. The following options are available from the replacement field editing dialog:

    1. This table shows all the specified replacement fields.  It contains three columns - field name, field value (i.e., the value that will be used to replace the field in your documents/forms), and field explanation.  You can right-click on any row to bring up a menu for editing the selected field.  The following replacement fields are listed by default, by you can also add as many custom fields as you'd like, such as shown in the dialog above:

Attorney/Firm Replacement Fields - configured within ClaimMaster (see here for more info)

      • [ANAME] - Attorney/agent name
      • [ASIG] - Attorney/agent electronic signature (e.g., /John Smith/)
      • [ATITLE] - Attorney/agent title
      • [ARN] - Attorney/agent registration number
      • [APHONE] - Attorney/agent phone
      • [FNAME] - Firm name
      • [FADDR] -Firm address
      • [FCITY] - Firm city
      • [FSTATE] - Firm state
      • [FZIP] - Firm zip
      • [FCNTR] - Firm country
      • [FPHONE] - Firm phone
      • [FEMAIL] - Firm email

Other bibliographic and OA-related fields are also available. For a full list of available replacement fields, go here.

    1. Press this button to add a new field in the table.  You will be presented with a dialog shown below, in which you can enter field name, the text of its replacement value (can contain multiple lines), and the explanation of the field.

    1. Press this button to edit the selected field in the table - you'll be presented with a dialog show above.
    2. Press this button to remove the selected field from the table.
    3. Press this button to import field values from a CSV file. The file should have 3 columns: (1) field name; (2) field value; and (3) explanation (optional), with each row representing a particular field. Placing square brackets around field names is not required.  If you'd like to use commas in your field values (e.g., for registration number, etc.), use /c/ instead of a comma(s) to avoid problems with parsing of CSV file. 
    4. Press this button to export current fields to a CSV file. You can then edit or add values in Excel and re-import the file back into ClaimMaster.
    5. Press this button to save your replacement field settings.