ClaimMaster Preferences

ClaimMaster provides a number of ways to customize the software and store/configure settings for various features. The majority of settings are accessible from the "Preferences" menu.

Getting Started

To configure ClaimMaster's preferences, perform the following steps:

  • In Word 2007 or later, from the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Preferences menu.

  • In Word 2003 or earlier, from the ClaimMaster toolbar, click on the Preferences menu.

Feature Options

Next, the Preferences dialog will appear. From here you, can set various preferences for ClaimMaster. Below are the available options in the Preferences dialog:

    1. Configures claim rules that are used for checking claims for errors.
    2. Configures document rules that are used for checking document for errors.
    3. Configures part-checking rules.
    4. Configures Private PAIR settings
    5. Configures Boilerplate settings
    6. Configures settings for Word shells
    7. Configures claim summary templates.
    8. Configures claim viewer settings.
    9. Configures summary templates for generating Summary sections from claims.
    10. Configures claim boundaries for identifying claim sections in the document.
    11. Configures attorney/firm/custom replacement fields
    12. Launches shell wizard
    13. If checked, ClaimMaster will dock its reporting windows so that they will open attached to the left/right side of the current Word document. If disabled, reporting windows will float on top of the currently open Word document.
    14. If enabled, ClaimMaster will not report vague claim dependencies, such as "A device for performing all steps as specified in claim 1." Such claim arguable could could be interpreted either as an independent claim or a claim dependent from claim 1.
    15. Will check the document for possible language/parsing incompatibilities. Documents opened in localized versions of Microsoft Word, such as Japanese or Korean, may not be processed correctly, because of the different internal processing of punctuation marks (e.g., ".") by Word.
    16. If this option is checked, ClaimMaster will paste claim summaries and trees directly into the open Word document
    17. If this option is checked, ClaimMaster will minimize Word during processing operations. This is often effective for improving the ClaimMaster's processing speed on slower connections, usually when it is installed on a terminal server or Citrix.
    18. If this option is checked, PDF preview will not be available in IDS Browser, OA Browser, and Shell/Form Generation windows.  This may help with some of the error/notification messages from document management systems, such as iManage.