Generating figure description blocks [+Drafting Option Only]

ClaimMaster includes patent application drafting tools that let you generate textual figure description sections/blocks from a predefined set of templates. This feature is particularly helpful if you need to generate description blocks for the Specification without generating corresponding figures and allows you to build up your figure descriptions from multiple sub-sections. All part numbers in the generated text blocks (including rich text annotations, variables, and other fields) will be adjusted according to the specified figure number. You can also optionally apply GPT post-processing prompts to the generated output to further improve its style and grammar. To generate and insert figure description blocks, perform the following steps:

Getting Started

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Patent Drafting Tools menu, then select Generate Figure Description Blocks:

Feature Options

Once you select the feature from the menu above, the patent drafting window will come up. It will be "docked" to the left side of your Word document when it launches, unless automatic docking of patent drafting windows is disabled in Patent Drafting Preferences (i.e., the "Dock drafting windows" checkbox is unchecked). The following operations are available for this feature:

    1. This table lists all of the available description block templates configured in ClaimMaster.
    2. Use the filter field to limit the list shown in Table 1 only to those templates that at least partially match the filter.  To remove the filter, click on the "Clear" button.
    3. Click this button to open settings for description block templates.
    4. Use this field to specify the figure number. When you change this number, part numbers will be adjusted to match the specified figure # in the text preview window.
    5. Shows the preview of the selected description block. You can make edits directly into the preview window.  When you insert generated descriptions into the document (item 6), the text from the preview window will be used during insertion. 
    6. Press this button (or right-click on the text and select "Re-write with GPT" option) to re-write the generated text in the preview section using GPT via one of the post-processing prompts. If you only select a portion of the text in the preview window, only the selection portion will be sent to GPT for a rewrite.
    7. Press this button to insert the text from the preview window into the document.