Patent Application Drafting Tools (+Drafting versions)

ClaimMaster includes a number of powerful patent application drafting tools that enable you to generate many patent application sections and figures from a draft claim set, saving you up to 20-30% of drafting time for each patent application. For example, these tools enable you to instantly clone method claims into other statutory claim types and also generate flowcharts, figures and their descriptions, as well as Summary and Abstract sections. All text generation is based on flexible, user-configurable templates that support annotations and variables, so that you can further customize the output to your drafting preferences. Our guided drafting workflow makes it easy to preview and edit the generated text before it is inserted into the application. You'll also be able to turn your existing applications and figures into new drafting templates.

Getting Started

You can access patent drafting tools from the following menu:

To explore the individual patent drafting tools in more detail, click on the links below: