Configuring Patent Drafting Settings and Templates  [+Drafting Option Only]

ClaimMaster lets you extensively customize various patent drafting templates and settings. To change settings for patent drafting templates, follow these steps:

Getting Started

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Patent Drafting Tools menu, then select Patent Drafting Settings at the bottom of menu:

Feature Options

Once you select the feature from the menu above, the patent drafting settings window will come up. The following operations are available in this window:

    1. This field specifies the location of the patent drafting settings file (in XML).  You can have multiple users access the same settings if you keep this file in  the shared folder/location.
    2. Press this button to reload the patent drafting settings after pointing ClaimMaster to a new location. 
    3. This field specifies the location of the patent drafting boilerplate/application sections file.  You can have multiple users access the same application section entries if you keep this file in the shared folder/location.
    4. Press this button to reload the entries from the application sections gallery after pointing ClaimMaster to a new location.
    5. Use this button to import templates from another file into your current template library.  You'll be able to pick from a list of templates in the other file based on template type (or select all to import everything). For more information on this operation, click here.

    1. If this checkbox is selected, patent drafting windows will by default auto-dock to the left side of the open Word document when invoked. Important - if you have multiple monitors and docking doesn't appear to work correctly, keep this checkbox unchecked and patent drafting windows will appear floating on top of the open Word documents.
    2. Use this menu to select one type of patent drafting templates for editing: figure templates, flowchart templates, claim cloning  templates, Abstract templates, Summary templates, and overall application shell document templates.
    3. This tree shows all of the available patent drafting templates of the selected type (i.e., flowcharts, figures, claim cloning, etc.)
    4. Click this button to add a new template of the specified type.
    5. Click this button to delete the selected template from the tree.
    6. Click this button to duplicate the selected template.
    7. This general section shows template-specific settings for the selected template.  See sections below for editing template-specific settings. 
    8. Press +/- buttons to adjust the font size in the template settings windows for easier review
    9. Where available, pressing the Test button will allow you to open the script editor/evaluation window.  For more information, see here.
    10. To edit any selected template, press this button, which will unlock template settings for editing.
    11. Press this button to dock the window to the left side of the screen.  This may be helpful if you are setting up templates from the the existing document, so that you can easily copy & paste selected text from the existing document into the templates.
    12. After you've finished the template, press this button to save your settings (required).

For more information about configuring specific patent drafting templates, please see the following articles: