Generating multiple figures templates from a single file

ClaimMaster makes it easy to quickly set up multiple figure templates using a single figures file. To import multiple figures (as individual templates) into ClaimMaster, perform the following steps inside the Patent Drafting Preferences window, when the template type is set to "Figure" option:

Getting Started

  1. Click on the Import Figures from a File option:


  1. You will be prompted to specify the file containing the figures. The file must be in Visio, PPT, or Word format.  PDF files can be converted to Word format (with some tweaking) using Word own "Import from PDF" feature.

  1. Once you select the file, ClaimMaster will open the import window, shown below. Each page/slide in the import window will be available for preview.  Select all figures from the file you'd like to add as separate templates: 

    1. Shows a table of page/slide number identified in the figures file.  Select all figures you'd like to import as separate templates.  You can select multiple rows at once by dragging a mouse over them or using Ctrl + mouse click/Enter.
    2. Shows the preview of the figure on the selected page.
    3. Once select all figures you want to import, click on the Select Figures (s) button and a separate placeholder template for each identified figure will be created in ClaimMaster patent drafting settings. You can then edit the new figure template settings (e.g., specify default figure #s, add corresponding figure descriptions from the open Word document, etc.)