OCRing PDF files [Pro+Shells & Lite+Shells versions]

ClaimMaster allows you to perform OCR on the individual PDF files or entire directories containing PDF files. 

Getting Started

To start the OCR process on the PDF file or directory, perform the following steps:

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Time-Saving Tools menu, then select OCR PDF File(s):

Feature Options

The following operations are available from the OCR window:

    1. Select whether to perform OCR for a single file or OCR all PDF files in a specified director
    2. Depending on your selection for item #1, specify a location of the PDF file or directory containing PDF files
    3. Select this checkbox if you want to overwrite the original PDF files with the results of the OCR process.  If this checkbox is not selected, OCRed files will be stored as separate files with "[ORIGINAL FILENAME]_ocr.pdf" extension.
    4. Press this button to start the OCR process. If only one file is specified, ClaimMaster will attempt to OCR the specified filed.  If a directory is specified, ClaimMaster will attempt to perform OCR on each of the PDF files located in the specified directory.
    5. If this checkbox is selected, ClaimMaster will attempt (based on the bookmarks in the Office Action) to perform OCR only on the portions of the Office Action that include the substantive rejection and the art cited by the Examiner.  To save time, other portions of the document will not be OCRed (e.g., the listing of search terms used by the Examiner).
    6. After the OCR process is finished, this section will contain a list of OCRed files.  You can click on each table entry to open the file in Adobe Reader/Acrobat or whatever program you have configured to view PDF files.