Checking claims for errors

ClaimMaster can check claims in a patent document for various issues, such as wrong claim numbering and dependencies, incorrectly defined multiple claims, incorrect status indicators and amendments, presence of "patent profanities," and more. To check claims for errors, perform the following steps:

Getting Started

  • In Word 2007 or later - from the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Individual Tools menu, then select Check Claims for Errors/View Error Reports:

  • In Word 2003 or earlier - from the ClaimMaster toolbar, click on the Individual Proofreading Tools menu, then select Check Claims for Errors/View Error Reports:

Feature Options

Once you select the feature above, the error browser will come up. It will be "docked" to the right side of your Word document when it launches, unless automatic docking of dialogs is disabled in ClaimMaster's Preferences. The following operations are available in the error browser dialog:

    1. Errors and warnings will be shown for each claim. Each message is clickable. By clicking on the message, you will expand it to show all claims that have the same problem. You can then click on individual claims and, where possible, the sections of text with errors will be selected directly in the open document. ClaimMaster has several different types of error messages:
      • Errors – these messages indicate serious errors in the claims, such as invalid dependencies or wrong status indicators
      • Syntax Warnings – these messages are less serious and indicate potential problems with syntax, such as a class mismatch between a parent and its child claim.
      • Style Warnings - these messages indicate potential problems with claim language, such as the use of potentially limiting or indefinite words.

    1. This window provides explanations/suggestions for fixing the reported problems. In addition, any errors associated with the claim/documents rules will be shown in this window.

    1. Use these check-boxes to filter the results based on the types of errors/messages you'd like to view in the reports browser.

    1. If "Highlight selected issues in the document" is selected, then all portions of the shown problems will be highlighted in the document.  Note that once you close this window, all added highlighting in the document will be removed.  Issues can be highlighted using the two build-in Word styles:
      • "Background" highlight style - issues will be shown using Word's highlight feature.
      • "Glow" highlight style - issues will be shown using Word's font glow property.

    1. Use “Configure Rules…” dialog to specify which rules you want to run on your claims. In addition, you can use this dialog to edit or specify new rules. For more information, see configuring rules.

    1. By clicking this button, you will dock or undock the reporting window from the main Word window.