Renumbering claims

ClaimMaster allows you to renumber claims in the document (including claim dependencies) using a number of different approaches. The renumbering process takes two steps - first, claims can be batch renumbered, either sequentially or within a range. Next, when you are satisfied with the order and numbering of the claim tree, you can then propagate changes from the updated tree into the actual claims within the open document.

Getting Started

To renumber claims in the document, perform the following steps:

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the Proofreading Tools menu, then select Renumber Claims:

Feature Options

Once this option is selected, ClaimMaster will bring up a dialog displaying the currently parsed claim tree. The following operations are available from the claim renumbering window:

    1. Claims can be organized by their location in the document or by their claim number.  When using the 1st option, claims will be organized in the tree in the exact order they appear in the claim set. When using the "claim number" option, claims will be organized in the tree based on their actual number, rather then the order they appear in the document.
    2. The tree shows the ascending order of the current claims, organized either by their location in the document or by their claim number.  Claims are also distinguished by whether they are independent, dependent, multiple-dependent, or have an invalid dependency, as shown in the legend below the tree.
    3. This field shows the text of the selected/clicked-on claim in the tree.
    4. This section shows any warnings/errors that might interfere with claim renumbering, such as incorrect dependencies, use of auto-numbered fields for claim numbers, or tracked changes in claim number sections of a claim. 
    5. If any issues are detected with the document before claims are renumbered, you will have a chance to correct them from within the tool before proceeding further using the buttons in this section.
    6. These tabs allow you to control how the claims within a claim tree are renumbered. You can renumber all claims in the tree using two different schemes:
      • Sequentially - this tab lets you renumber all claims starting from a given #, regardless whether there are duplicates or improper claim numbers . You can renumber the claims based on their order of appearance in the document or the claim tree. 
        • Note that you can insert new claims between existing claims with placeholder numbers.  The placeholder claim numbering notation is #x#. (i.e., 1x1., 1x2., etc.).  Once you insert all new claims, you can renumber the entire set using the sequential renumbering feature. For example, if you want to insert a new set of claims between claims 3 and 4, you can simply add claims 3x1., 3x2., etc. after claim 3 and set all dependencies within that set using 3x# notation (a period is not required for specifying parent dependencies, just for the main claim number). Once you perform sequential renumbering, all claim numbers will be set to regular integer values consistent with the overall numbering scheme of all claims.
      • Within a range - this tab lets you renumber claims within a specified range and using a specified step. For example, if you specify a step of 100 for range 1 to 10, all claims within range 1-10 will have their number incremented by 100 (i.e., 101, 102, 103 - 110).
    1. Here you can specify the claim of the very first claim in the renumbered set
    2. Click this button to preview renumbering of the claims using your selected renumbering scheme (all claims sequentially or just a claim range).  To change renumbering, simply enter new parameters and click the button again. Note that pressing this button does not renumber the claims in the actual document yet.
    3. Check this box if you'd like to turn on track changes in Word before claims are renumbered in the actual document. You might want to enable track changes to see the edits to the claim dependencies made by ClaimMaster.
    4. This button will not become enabled unless at least some of the claims are renumbered. Once you are satisfied with the ordering of claims appearing in the claim tree after preview, press this button to apply the changes from the claim tree to the actual claims in the document.  Important: Until you click this button, the actual claims will not be renumbered.