What Real Users Say

ClaimMaster's feature-rich patent tools are used by many patent professionals in law firms and corporations of all sizes. Our users include individual inventors, in-house counsel in both Fortune 100 corporations and startups, patent attorneys in large AMLAW 100 firms, midsize and small IP boutiques, solo practitioners, paralegals and support staff. Indeed, 8 out of 10 firms ranked for the highest patent quality in 2016 study by Ocean Tomo/Intellectual Asset Management magazine have attorneys that use ClaimMaster to proofread their work. Below are a few of the selected testimonials:

"ClaimMaster is a wonderful product for patent attorneys! One of the best aspects of ClaimMaster is the reference checking feature, which analyzes a patent application specification and generates a chart of reference numbers and their associated terms. The chart makes it easy to quickly ensure consistent use of reference numbers and terms, thus reducing the time needed to proofread a patent application. ClaimMaster has many other helpful features. I use ClaimMaster pull maintenance fee payment status for U.S. patents for FTO studies, and to rapidly download patents or published application. Finally, even though there is not a native Mac version of ClaimMaster, the software runs well on a Mac through Parallels."
- Meghan McGovern, DiBerardino McGovern IP Group LLC
"I was completely hooked on the tool after using it a couple of times and since then have begun to trust it without reservations. The options offered by the tool not only eliminate the drudgery of manual verification of the claims but are also very useful for identifying other errors in a patent application. Such errors can include missing/mislabeled reference numerals and erroneous/inconsistent labels in the specification and the figures. The tool is particularly useful when a practitioner is drafting a new patent application and is compelled to make multiple revisions due to various reasons. Without having access to this kind of automated verification tool, a practitioner may either not have the time to proofread each and every revision or may become negligent when reading and re-reading the revised drafts looking for newly introduced errors. I would recommend this product without any hesitation"
- Paul Dara, Patent Agent
"I use ClaimMaster for every application and response I write. ClaimMaster saves me time and increases the quality of my work. Those benefits pass directly to my clients."
- Hussein Akhavannik, Partner, BakerHostetler
"I have incorporated ClaimMaster into my workflow for every patent application and Office Action response that goes across my desk. ClaimMaster is a fantastic tool for quickly identifying errors that are sometimes hard for human reviewers to spot, such as missing antecedents in large claim sets, inconsistent terminology, missing or incorrect reference numbers, etc. Yes, you can identify all of these errors without ClaimMaster, but ClaimMaster can do it for in the time that it takes you to go get another cup of coffee! Hard to beat that efficiency!"
- Jason Moore, Principal, Toler Law Group
"I do find the program useful, and have recommended it to others. (I should have gotten a copy earlier.)"
- Karl H. Koster, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
"If you draft applications, or analyze patents, so many of the things you labor through with pen and paper, you don't have to do anymore - ClaimMaster does them for you. I can't believe it took so long for this program to come along. I'll never go back to the days before ClaimMaster."
- Todd Sladek, Corporate Patent Attorney in Biotechnology Arts
"The ClaimMaster is a great resource for patent prosecution. I never file an application or amendment without first checking the claims with this software. It is also useful for other patent related tasks. You can tell it was written by a patent attorney!"
- Ira S. Matsil, Founding Partner, Slater & Matsil L.L.P.
"I have hardly scratched the surface of ClaimMaster's extensive feature set, but it is already an indispensable tool for me. Thank you for this amazing product that takes much of the drudgery out of patent prosecution, and helps me focus on the substantive elements."
- Dave Duncan, 3L, University of Utah Law School
"I love using Patent Claimmaster. I have a version for myself, and one for my legal assistant. I find it is a huge time saver for both of us. I view Claimmaster's proofreading tools as being on-par with running a spell checker on patent applications and office actions. I also love Claimmaster's time-saving tools like bulk patent downloads and the IDS generator. They save us a lot of time."
- JG, Patent Attorney, Small Firm/Solo Practice
"ClaimMaster provides you with an extra eye for detail at the touch of a button. What was once a final time-consuming review for claim errors, claim term support and reference numeral checks now takes only minutes. I use ClaimMaster every time I review a patent application."
- Paul Franz, Principal, Fish & Richardson
"Not only is ClaimMaster a valuable tool but the service I have received from their Support Team is without equal. From the time it was first offered I have been using ClaimMaster to verify my work for both new applications and responses to Office Actions. I give the highest recommendation possible to the ClaimMaster Product and to its Support team."
- Bob Frohwerk, Patent Agent, Your Intellectual Property Matters, LLC
"ClaimMaster has quickly become invaluable to my drafting and prosecution practice. Its ability to check for antecedent support and reference number consistency has caught dozens of small errors that would have gone unnoticed were it not for this tool. I don't file anything without running it through ClaimMaster first and for this reason the quality and efficiency of my work has improved, not to mention providing a little more peace of mind!"
- Frank Gerratana, Associate, Fish & Richardson
"ClaimMaster has proven to be a very valuable tool and now I use it regularly. It is very helpful in detecting formal errors in patent claims, such as missing antecedents."
- Franco A. Serafini, THEMIS LAW
"ClaimMaster is an exceptionally useful program. It has become an indispensible tool for my patent preparation and prosecution practice, helping to ensure consistency and accuracy in our work, and automating a number of complex tasks in analyzing and proofreading applications and patents. Highly recommended!"
- Jon Small, JAS IP Consulting
"Thank you very much for this wonderful software!"
- Gil Thieberger, CEO, PatentVC Ltd.
"Thank you so much for creating and continuing to develop such an excellent program for such a specialized niche market. I have been searching for testing tools for this niche for many years, and yours is absolutely fantastic. You are providing an excellent product and excellent value and I hope that your clients are paying you enough that you will be motivated to continue doing so for quite some time."
- Michael J. Roman, Associate Counsel, Clark Wilson LLP
"... I have been using Patent Claim Master regularly for creating claim charts, another tedious and time consuming process. After years of preparing claim charts the traditional way (ie, either cutting and pasting unformatted text from the Patent Office website or, worse, retyping the text into a new document), I am amazed by the ease with which one can prepare a claim chart to review one or several patents. I literally exclaimed wow! the first few times I used Patent Claim Master to prepare claim charts." Click here to read the full review »
- Jackie Hutter, IP Strategist, The Hutter Group LLC
"ClaimMaster has proven a valuable resource in my practice. I would not think of sending out a document without running spell-check on it and now I would not think of sending out a draft of a patent application without checking it with ClaimMaster. The complexity of the English language can defeat even the best tool, but ClaimMaster has helped me find errors in the specification and claims that more than one person has already proofread. Other features like easy claim renumbering are also very helpful when drafting claims. The vendor has been very responsive to suggestions for improvement, and I highly recommend it."
- Richard A. Schafer, Of Counsel, Wong, Cabello, Lutsch, Rutherford & Brucculeri, LLP
"ClaimMaster benefits the client as much as the attorney. The client benefits because he/she can obtain a more-polished patent application in a shorter period of time (translating into lower cost). A more-polished application at the time of filing can also result in a stronger, more-quickly issued patent." Click here to read the full review »
- Robert J. Sayre, Patent Attorney, Modern Times Legal
"[T]hanks for developing this product. I've been looking for something like it for several years."
- Jeffery B. Morris, Partner, Wagner Blecher LLP
"The program is simply awesome. Way ahead of anything else. I could not have checked the 100+ claims in a complex application without it."
- Michael Smith, Entrepreneur, former Chief Architect at MetaRAM and nVidia
"This is an excellent error-checking tool. I use ClaimMaster to check claims and responses to Office Actions for small mistakes and it performs its job admirably."
- George S. Bardmesser, Principal, Bardmesser Law Group
"I downloaded the trial for this tool a couple weeks ago and I give it two thumbs up. I used PatentOptimizer at my previous firm which was excellent but this provides many of the same time-saving features for a fraction of the cost. Its a no-brainer, particularly for a solo practitioner. Very nice tool."
- Paul Dougherty, Founder, Dougherty Patent Services
"Claimaster software is a quick and easy tool for ensuring patent claims are free of errors as well as aiding in many other patent drafting and prosecution tasks."
- Gabriel Olander, Sr. Patent Counsel, Rambus
"This is a very valuable tool, so thank you very much. ClaimMaster is truly an excellent product. Great work."
- R.S., Patent Attorney, Small Firm
"Love it!"
- Associate, Fish & Richardson
"I have been enjoying the Patent Claim Master. This tool will become a core part of my processing when I start training new attorneys."
- R.R., Patent Attorney, Small Firm
"ClaimsMaster has been a very helpful software add-on for my work as a patent prosecution paralegal. It has allowed me to more quickly and accurately create clean sets of claims for amendments and claim listings for clients. I highly recommend this software."
- Tisha Arminger, Patent Paralegal, Fish & Richardson
"I love the software, if there is any updates please email asap or any new features."
- O.M., Patent Attorney, Small Firm/Solo Practice
"I have purchased the software and I am already a raving fan."
- M.V., Patent Agent, Small Firm/Solo Practice
"Great software. Great price. ... Thanks for serving this niche market.."
- Anonymous
"I have found the ClaimMaster software to be extremely useful and helpful. I use it on an almost daily basis because it has reduced the amount of time needed to create an amendment shell or a current listing of claims to a matter of a few minutes. In fact, it works so well that I find myself generating amendment shells for attorneys that I do not work for! I also particularly like the Summary of pending claims, it definitely makes it a lot easier than counting all of the claims."
- Edward Faeth, Patent Paralegal, Fish & Richardson