Generating all-in-one proofreading reports

To simplify proofreading, ClaimMaster lets you generate All-In-One Report that includes the results of all the selected proofreading checks.   All-in-one reports can be generated in sidebar (i.e., inside Word GUI/task pane),  HTML, Word, or PDF formats.  The all-in-one report identifies the same issues as the errors reported through the Individual Proofing Tools, but makes it easier to review all issues at the same time.  In addition, HTML, PDF, and Word all-in-one reports can also be shared with other reviewers or printed out.  ClaimMaster also allows you to run reports in batch mode on multiple documents. 

Getting Started

To generate a stand-alone proofreading report for your document(s), click on the All-In-One Report menu, then select the desired report option.  Please note that if you click on the top section of the All-In-One button, ClaimMaster will generate the report with the currently configured custom settings.

To explore each stand-alone proofreading report feature in more detail, click on the links below: