Setting the desired format for all-in-one reports

All-in-one reports can be generated in sidebar (i.e., inside Word GUI),  HTML, Word, or PDF formats. You can set the default format for the all-in-one report as shown below.

Getting Started

To set the default format for the all-in-one report, perform the following steps:

  • From the ClaimMaster Ribbon, click on the All-In-One Report menu, then click on  Set Default Report Format... option.

Feature Options

Once the dialog opens up, select the desired option and click "Save Settings".  Note that you will be automatically prompted to choose the default format for the reports after a fresh installation of ClaimMaster.

    1. Here you can specify whether to generate the report in Task Pane, HTML, or PDF/Word formats.
    2. If you enable compact format for HTML/PDF/Word reports, the reports will be generated in compacted form. Specifically, HTML reports will be generated as a single HTML file that can be shared with others.  PDF/Word reports will be created in shorter format without text citations, which speeds up processing speed and smaller report size.

To review the different formats available for all-in-one reports, click on the links below: