Creating new boilerplate entries from the selected text

You can manually edit the boilerplate table, but you can also have ClaimMaster automatically add an entry to the table based on the selected text in the current document.  To do so, simply select a section of the text in the document and click Create a boilerplate entry from the selected text, as shown below. 

Feature Options

You will then be presented with a dialog where you can specify a unique name for this boilerplate entry that is based on the selected text.  Click "Save" to have the new entry added to the table and also loaded into the boilerplate gallery.

You can also use your own replacement fields in the text, such as [ARN], [FNAME], or any other fields you have configured. These fields will be automatically updated when the boilerplate passage is inserted into the document.  Notably, if you use ClaimMaster’s shell generation feature (Pro+Shells/Lite+Shells version) to create Word shells, the generated documents will also store (in metadata) the utilized replacement fields/data.  The stored replacement fields/data can be reused in boilerplate paragraphs at any time later when you are working with the ClaimMaster-generated shells.