Stand-alone HTML Report

The stand-alone HTML report summarizes all findings in a locally generated and stored web page.  Its main advantages over the static PDF/Word report are the improved readability, ability to perform smart searches within the specification/claims, and interactive features allowing for simpler analysis of identified problems.  If you want to share the HTML report with others, you can zip the entire directory where the report is located and share the zip file. Alternatively, you can print the HTML file to PDF (make sure to enable print "Background Graphics" or equivalent checkbox to include the highlighting in the browser).

Example screenshot of an HTML report

Use tabs in the report to switch between different types of proofreading reports and use specific proofreading features. Click "Show Help" button in each section for detailed explanations. Tab headings show a summary of errors/warnings for a given proofreading section. 

Note - If you want to save the HTML report as PDF, make sure to select "Background Graphics" checkbox in Chrome and in other browsers before saving to PDF.  This will ensure that the error highlights will remain in the generated PDF document.