Manual/Telephone activation

Manual/Telephone activation is needed when access to the license server is blocked by a firewall in your company, so online activation is not available.  If this is the case, you will typically receive error code 2 or 4 when trying to activate ClaimMaster using the online method.

1) To proceed with manual activation, choose the Activate By Phone option in the activation dialog:

2)  You will be shown a window with two user codes (User Code 1 and User Code 2).  For the next step, you can either do it yourself (preferred) or call us.

3) Open a web browser and go to the Softwarekey's manual activation page at

There, you will be presented with the following web page that will prompt you to enter your License ID and Password.

4) Once you enter your License ID/password, you will be prompted to enter user codes from step 2. Please enter User Code 1 and User Code 2 from the activation dialog into the web page, as shown below.

5) The webpage will next provide you with one or two activation codes.  Copy/paste the issued activation code(s) into the Activation Code fields in the dialog on your machine.  If you are only provided 1 activation code, copy & paste it into the Activation Code 1 field.  Next, press “Continue.”  This step will unlock ClaimMaster on your machine

6)  If your activation is successful, you will be notified with a green "Product Activation Successful" message.

If the manual activation fails with a particular error code, please see how to resolve the problem below or contact technical support.