Activating or renewing your subscription

ClaimMaster let's you activate your license in several ways.  Normally, you'll be prompted to activate ClaimMaster during the installation, unless ClaimMaster has already been activated on that computer in the past.  In addition, you can launch the Activation/Renewal dialog from About ClaimMaster section.

Activation Steps

Once the activation dialog starts, click on "Activate Renewal" and proceed with either online or manual/phone activation.  

Online activation is always recommended unless you are not connected to the Internet or your access to the license server is blocked by a firewall (i..e., you get errors 2 or 4 during online activation).

 After either online or manual/phone activation is successful, you'll be presented with the green "Product Activation Successful" message.

NOTE: If activation fails with a particular error code, please click on the particular help topic below to see how to resolve the problem or contact technical support.

2) Activating from Command Line

In some situations, you may also want to activate ClaimMaster directly from the Command Prompt. To do so, open Command Prompt via the Command Prompt shortcut located in the Start menu or on the Apps screen, depending on your version of Windows.   Make sure to right-click on the icon and select "Run as Administrator", as shown below and proceed with the same installation steps as described above..

Once Command Prompt starts, depending on the Windows version you have, type (as shown below):

  • 64-bit Windows - type: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ClaimMaster\Grammars\helper.exe" /ACTCONTINUE and press enter (including quotes).
  • 32-bit Windows - type: "C:\Program Files\ClaimMaster\Grammars\helper.exe" /ACTCONTINUE and press enter (including quotes)