unsecure cloud connection

Uploading your patent data in the cloud for processing can introduce numerous security risks. In addition to the possibility of waiver of attorney-client privilege, use of cloud-based patent processing services could lead to loss of control over your data, loss of privacy, violation of export control laws, damage to client relationships, and personal liability for data breaches. In addition, should a breach actually happen, you will likely not have adequate recourse against the offending cloud provider due to the typically one-sided standard service agreements.

In contrast to cloud-based services, ClaimMaster is inherently secure - as an add-in to Microsoft Word, it always executes locally on the computer where it is installed (i.e., on-premise) and will never collect or transmit your confidential work product anywhere else. All generated proofreading reports/results (including HTML reports) are local to your computer as well. Specifically, ClaimMaster Software LLC warrants that ClaimMaster does not collect and transmit any user data from a machine where ClaimMaster is installed, with the following minor exceptions for downloading patent data from public services:

  • per user's request, transmission of search queries including identifiers of patent documents (patent numbers, patent publication numbers, patent application numbers, etc.) to third-party databases (e.g., USPTO, EPO, www.freepatentsonline, Google, etc.) solely to retrieve text or image copies of these patent documents or their related bibliographic information;
  • per user's request, transmission of search queries to websites, such as Google and AcronymFinder.com to find definitions of particular terms or acronyms for the user.