Patent Proofreading Tools

How do I proofread patent documents using ClaimMaster?
Checking claims for incorrect numbering, amendment issues, and other problems and informalities
Checking claims for missing antecedent basis, ambiguities, and other related issues
Adjusting antecedent basis parsing preferences
Making sure claim phrases/words are supported in the specification
Ensuring part names and numbers are consistently used in the specification and figures
Using helpful part annotation tools to speed up reviewing of figures
Checking for inconsistent acronyms
Checking claims and specification for “patent profanities”
Identifying contextually incorrect phrases
Checking documents for DOCX issues prior to EFS-Web uploads
How can I perform post-grant check of the issued patent claims
Making sure that the headers in your documents match Patent Center data

Patent Drafting Tools

New patent application drafting workflow [+Drafting add-on]
Using GPT/LLMs to draft patent figure descriptions [+Drafting add-on]
Using GPT/LLMs to generate text for patent drafting [+Drafting add-on]
Configuring ClaimMaster to use private GPT/LLM models [+Drafting add-on]
Best practices for GPT "prompt engineering" for patent drafting [+Drafting add-on]
Cloning method claims into other statutory claim types [+Drafting add-on]
Generating figures and corresponding descriptions in the Specification [+Drafting add-on]
Importing existing figures and descriptions into templates [+Drafting add-on]
Inserting figure description blocks [+Drafting add-on]
Generating flowcharts and corresponding descriptions in the Specification [+Drafting add-on]
Generating the Summary section from claims [+Drafting add-on]
Generating the Abstract from claims [+Drafting add-on]
Generating "example clauses" sections for PCT/EPO applications [+Drafting add-on]
Editing and creating patent application drafting templates [+Drafting add-on]
Quickly generating an application Summary section from the existing claims [regular version]
Generating flow chart figures from the existing method claims [regular version]
How to quickly renumber figures and part numbers in the Specification
How to quickly renumber figures and part numbers in the Drawings [+Drafting add-on]
Keeping track of part numbers and using auto-complete for part names during drafting of the specification section
Adding/removing part numbers to/from claims for EPO submissions
Using boilerplate entries to save time when drafting applications, Office Action responses, and other documents
Turning on auto-complete for longer phrases and acronyms
Generating the summary of claim amendments for the Remarks section of your Office Action responses

Other Time-Saving Tools

How do I modify amendments and status indicators?
Quickly switching between the USPTO and Track Changes amendment formatting
Reviewing and visualizing the hierarchy of the claims in your documents
Renumbering claims in your documents
How can I quickly generate claim charts?
How do I compare claims within a claim set, between documents or patents?
How do I compare claim amendments in file history?
Building a table of specification citations for claim terms or other keywords
Calculating excess claim fees

USPTO/EFS-Web Filing Tools

How do I quickly fill-out IDS forms with the cited prior art data?
Filling out USPTO forms with bibliographic information
Bibliographic Data Import from Patent Center (Private View)
Importing bibliographic data from your docketing system into ClaimMaster
Splitting up applications into multiple parts for EFS-Web uploads
Checking documents for DOCX issues prior to EFS-Web uploading

Office Action Analysis and Shell Tools

Analyzing Office Actions and generating Office Action response shells
Using Office Action Response assistant
Generating Word shells and emails
Customizing/creating new shells for Office Action responses

Downloading Tools

Generating patent family trees bases on the US and foreign data
Quickly opening a patent/publication on your desktop
Using ClaimMaster to download a large list of US or foreign publications
Downloading IFW documents from the USPTO's PEDS service
Downloading publications based on the US application number
Reviewing US Patents, Publications, and documents using Patent Reader

Other General Tips

Fixing claim identification and parsing problems
Using inline comments in claims