ClaimMaster's +Drafting tools speed up patent application drafting by up to 30% for many types of inventions, such as computer software/hardware, processes, and more.

Loss of IP rights

Streamline repetitive drafting tasks

Spend less time writing common sections

Client headaches

Draft better patent applications

Avoid mistakes, give yourself more time to spend on the important details

Overhead costs

Increase your bottom line

Beat your hours budget and reduce costs to clients

Transform Existing Claims into Patent Sections

Available with +Drafting add-on

ClaimMaster can transform your initial claim set into other claim types, flowcharts, or regular prose for various patent application sections:

Clone method claims into other statutory types (CRM, system, device, etc.)

Generate flowcharts (Visio or PPT) and corresponding step-by-step descriptions from method claims

Use selected claims to generate the Summary and Abstract sections

Insert all generated text sections into customizable application shells

Clone method claims into other statutory claim types

Generate Figures and Descriptions

Available with +Drafting add-on

Use a library of pre-defined figure templates to generate auto-numbered figures and corresponding descriptions:

Generate auto-numbered figures and descriptions in the Specification

Quickly convert any figures and descriptions from previous applications into reusable templates.

Support for Visio, PPT, Word drawing formats.

Text templates support variables, drop-down controls, annotations, and embedded Word objects, such as tables and formulas.

Generate figures and corresponding descriptions

Flexible, Easy-to-Use, and Secure

Available with +Drafting add-on

Incredibly flexibile patent drafting templates. Turn your existing drafts into templates. All tools are fully integrated with Microsoft Word and work offline.

Easily customizable templates and rules for figure and text generation

Support for client-side scripting, variables, drop-down controls, text annotations, and embedded Word objects, such as tables and formulas.

Easy-to-use drafting interface with live preview and editing

Customizable patent application shells and document sections with guided insertion workflow

All tools work offline and do not risk sending confidential data to the cloud

Customizable text transformation templates

ClaimMaster immediately pays for itself by saving you hours of drafting time on each patent application

"It's safe to say that this is the best product on the market for patent drafting. It saves me hours of time in preparing new applications. I have used other products and ClaimMaster allows easy customization that other products just don't provide. In addition, ClaimMaster allows for super easy generation of templates with desired formatting to make an entire client team more efficient in drafting new applications."

James J. Maune, Kilpatrick Townsend

How ClaimMaster Streamlines the Patent Drafting Process

Unlike other AI-based patent drafting services that run in the cloud, our software does not attempt to auto-generate the entire application from scratch without human oversight. Rather, you are fully in control of our section-by-section drafting process that takes place directly inside Word. You'll only generate the sections or figures that you need based on your own templates. Plus, all processing is local to your computer (on-premise) so you are not required to upload your confidential claim drafts to the cloud.

  1. 1.  Provide a sample claim set

    Draft a method claim set and open it in ClaimMaster.

  2. 2.  Natural language processing

    ClaimMaster will internally transform the claims using optimized NLP techniques for each section.

  3. 3.  Apply user inputs and templates

    Transformed claims are further modified using specific section templates and user settings (e.g., claims to use for text generation, desired figure #s, etc). You can preview the resulting text and make further edits.

  4. 4.  Final output

    Final patent application shells and/or specific application sections are generated based on the preview and editing results.

We Have Even More Awesome Patent Drafting Tools

In addition to +Drafting tools, ClaimMaster also includes many other tools that are guaranteed to save you drafting time

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Renumber figures and parts

Quickly renumber figures and part number ranges to make space for additional figures

Generate Brief Description of Figures

Use existing figure descriptions in the Specification to compose the Brief Description of Figures section

Add paragraph numbers

Add USPTO-compliant paragraph numbers to your draft while skipping common section headings

Insert boilerplate sections

Quickly store, access, and insert sections of arbitrarily formatted boilerplate text

Auto-complete part numbers as you type

Use shorthand to auto-complete part names as you type using associated part numbers

Auto-suggest for terms

Provide auto-complete suggestions for common terms, part names, and acronyms

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