Automation of Patent Drafting and Patent Analysis Tasks

Patent preparation and prosecution involve a number of tedious and error-prone tasks, such as counting and renumbering claims or updating amendments and indicators in messy Office Action responses. In addition, practitioners often have to analyze large claim trees, spot small differences between claims, or create claim charts for other patent projects, such as patent re-examinations, due diligence or patent litigations. ClaimMaster includes numerous time-saving patent tools that are guaranteed to streamline your patent drafting and analysis, allowing you to concentrate on more substantive work.

Feature Highlights:

  • Automatically analyze Office Actions and generate shell Office Action responses
  • Fill-out USPTO forms, including IDS forms with bibliographic data downloaded from PAIR
  • Private/Public PAIR integration for automated downloading of bibliographic data, file wrappers, maintenance fee and assignment data
  • Easily insert predefined boilerplate paragraphs/auto-complete entries into your documents
  • Generate flowchart figures from method claims
  • Batch download and process multiple patents/publications from the USPTO/EPO
  • Generate patent family trees based on data from the USPTO
  • Generate claim charts on-the-fly
  • Visually compare differences between individual or multiple claims
  • Generate claim status paragraphs for responses to Office Actions
  • View and print the hierarchy of claims in a document
  • Manipulate amendments and status indicators in Office Action responses
  • Renumber claims and part numbers, bold/italicize part numbers
  • Compute excess claim fees under the USPTO or EPO rules and more


  • Create Auto-Populated IDS Forms (SB08 and 1449)

  • Generate filled-out USPTO Forms

  • Download Documents from PAIR and Generate Shell OA Responses

  • Batch Download US and Foreign Patent Documents

  • Generate Patent Family Trees from PAIR

  • Analyze and Print Claim Trees

  • Insert Boilerplate Paragraphs

Identify Errors in Claims

Catch various mistakes in claims, such as missing or ambiguous antecedents, wrong status indicators, incorrect claim numbers, wrong claim dependencies, improper amendments, wrong or limiting claim expressions/syntax and much more.

Check and Edit Part Numbers In Specification and Drawings

Detect inconsistent use of element numbers in the patent specification and drawings. Browse existing elements or create your own tables for easier drafting.

Generate Proofreading Reports

Quickly generate stand-alone proofreading reports in PDF or Word formats for easy reviewing

Create Auto-Populated IDS Forms (SB08 and 1449)

Automatically populate IDS with the required bibliographic information downloaded directly from the USPTO and EPO websites

Generate filled-out USPTO Forms

Automatically populate USPTO forms with application and practitioner information. Bibliographic data for applications is downloaded directly from PAIR, while practitioner information (e.g., name, signature, address, reg. number, etc.) is stored within ClaimMaster.

Download Documents from PAIR and Generate Shell Office Action Responses

Save yourself time by automatically downloading Office Actions and other documents from PAIR, performing OCR, analyzing contents of the Office Actions, and generating shell responses based on predefined templates

Batch Download US and Foreign Patent Documents

Download multiple patents or publications in PDF, Word, and HTML formats from the USPTO/EPO with a single click

Generate Patent Family Trees from PAIR

Analyze and graph patent family trees based on the bibliographic information obtained from the USPTO's PAIR.

Analyze and Print Claim Trees

View, sort, and print claim trees that are visually annotated with lots of useful information.

Insert Boilerplate Paragraphs

Easily insert predefined boilerplate paragraphs into your documents